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Experience for over 25 years

Quality at the highest level

Since 1992 as a system supplier an integral part of the industry

MEKO is your system supplier

Mechanical components and engineering

Engineering. Problem solver. Quality management.

German Engineering & QM

Individual product development

From prototype to serial production

Global acting

Mechanical components and engineering

German engineering und QM.

Our skills

  • High quality standard
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Ready-to-install

Measuring and control technology

Mechanical components and engineering for special precision

We tailor our production and product spectrum to the specifications and requirements of our customers. Our customers likewise value the high quality standard of our products for measuring and control technology. Activities in this area include not only production, but also the assembly of certain components. We offer our customers production to a level where the products are ready for installation. This saves time and money with a guarantee of consistent high quality.


Please note that the majority of our products are not depicted on our website, for reasons having to do with patent rights.