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Experience for over 25 years

Quality at the highest level

Since 1992 as a system supplier an integral part of the industry

MEKO is your system supplier

Mechanical components and engineering

Engineering. Problem solver. Quality management.

German Engineering & QM

Individual product development

From prototype to serial production

Global acting

Mechanical components and engineering

German engineering und QM.


  • Engineering
  • Outsourcing
  • Quality management
  • Short-term project coordination

MEKO Mechanische Komponente und Engineering GmbH

Your global, ISO-certified system supplier

In the past 25 years the world has changed and developed at an incredible pace. This is especially true of technological advances. Constant new challenges require new solutions, materials and technical innovations.

We are the ones who develop such individual solutions, which we produce and deliver on the basis of successful quality inspections. This is our understanding of what it means to be a partner to industry.

Our experience and know-how, acquired over a period of more than 25 years, enables us to implement complex and innovative projects.

We set the highest quality standards in the production of one-off components as well as small and medium series of highly specialized, custom-tailored solutions.

Our production facilities, both in Germany and abroad (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and China (casting)) allow us to implement every requirement economically. We fully support all of our partners in acquiring (and maintaining) the necessary certifications and licenses. Auditing of the partner companies likewise takes place by our employees.


Partners to industry

Our goal is to be a genuine partner to you. We can take on the responsibility for an entire product family. This allows us to boost quality to the highest level in the medium term, while ensuring long-term price stability.

The development cycles for new products are constantly becoming shorter. That is why we enter into dialogue starting with the very first idea. Joint project management ensures that we can plan in advance, evaluate subcontractors and reserve the needed production capacities to enable the fastest possible delivery.